Welcome to VCTC Commuter Services, your one-stop shop for commute and ridesharing information in Ventura County. Our resources will help you get your employees to work on time for less money, reduce stress, improve local air quality and comply with county trip reduction requirements. Rideshare registration is easy and we're here to help! Here you'll also find information on the Guaranteed Ride Home program and the Transportation Outreach Program (Rule 211).


We’re here to help you with a wide variety of resources for getting your employees engaged with ridesharing, including bulletin board artwork, event kits, posters, flyers, giveaways and more. Click here to download any of the resources listed above. Need further assistance? Let us know how we can help by contacting Alan Holmes at (805) 642-1591x119 or emailing aholmes@goventura.org.

Free Rule 211 Assistance

Save time and money with VCTC’s free Average Vehicle Ridership survey.

Ventura County employers with 100 or more employees must comply with the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District’s Rule 211. Many employers establish their Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR) with the assistance of VCTC’s survey. The survey is available in both hardcopy and electronic formats. Once you’ve administered thesurvey, VCTC will process your surveys and calculate results.  You’ll receive:

  • RideGuides for your employees that requested customized carpool/vanpool information.
  • RideSmart Tips for all employees.
  • Automatic Guaranteed Ride Home Program registration for all employees that respond.
  • Your AVR report filed directly with the APCD.

For more information, contact a VCTC Commuter Services representative at (805) 642-1591 ext. 119 or email aholmes@goventura.org.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Commuters are sometimes concerned about using alternative transportation to travel to work given a possible family emergency or unexpected overtime might leave them stranded.  Make sure your employees know about VCTC’s Guaranteed Ride Home program.